Round IX: Favorite hi-NRG artist (letter T-U)?

Take That hi-NRG? WTF?

But if wiki says so... i won't deny it...

Anyway i'd vote Trans-X then...

  • Take That
    Vote A
  • Evelyn Thomas
    Vote B
  • Jeanie Tracy
    Vote C
  • Trans-X
    Vote D
  • Flancha Trench
    Vote E
  • U. S. U. R. A.
    Vote F
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Take That, Trans-X, Flancha Trench, U. S. U. R. A. won...


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  • Honestly the only band I recognise is Take That - I will give them a vote because even though I am not a fan they had some good songs especially "Patience".

    • but i highly doubt they r "hi-NRG"...

      i'd consider 'em boy-band... like Breathe or Johnny Hate Jazz from dat era...

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