Do you think it is strange for a gaming "company" to spend so much time on aggressive responses if accusations aren't true?

I used to like Chris Roberts, but now I have a VERY low opinion of him. He gave his wife a job she wasn't qualified for (VP of Marketing with no gaming marketing experience, and never even played one of his games!), and they must be paying themselves a very large salary to be able to keep paying for the $4.7 million mansion they live in...

So when someone writes negative things about them they return their contributions because they don't want any negative criticism, and when some gaming site wrote an article using ex-employees as sources about the problems possibly occurring their lawyer sends a really immature sounding five page letter and calls written word "slander"... which is a BIG English fail... and then CR said he spent 8 hours writing a response post to the article. I mean, seriously?

ALso, since the vast majority of the funding is crowdfunded I think they should publish monthly financial disclosures... because what do they have to hide then?


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  • I don't think you can really determine if it's true just by how angry the response is, but I agree that there is some bullshit going on here. Honestly though, I'm just happy to see video game journalists finally doing actual journalism.

    As for video game companies, I think a lot of publishers have gotten pretty bad, but most developers are still great.


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