I'm suffering from a very bad book hangover? Please help?

It's been 10 days since I've finished reading this amazing book and I just can't stop thinking about it even though I've tried everything- reading another book, drawing the characters, reading it again...
I can't stop thinking about it and it's driving me nuts, what should I do?
And the worst thing is that it's has an open ending and that's keeping me up at night.


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  • Tell us the author and title so we can be tortured too.

    • You may not want to read it because it sounds like a cliche, but it's not

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    • I was listening to one of my favorite songs when I read your suggestion and I couldn't stop typing for like an hour and bam I wrote something that wasn't the end but something before the end. And I got close to the closure, but I suppose I need a bit more time to think about it. But man, I can't stress enough how much your idea helped me, thank you. I'll be able to sleep again, yay!

    • Thank you for your appreciation.
      I got the thought from my girlfriend who would be disturbed by dreams that frightened her. She needed some way to control the end of the dream so she would write the ending in a bedside notebook and then go back to sleep.

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  • Thia happened to me once. Like two Yeats ago.
    I read a book called This Lullaby.
    The ending was kind of like the one you mentioned and I wanted more.

    It lasted for awhile.

    I still think about occasionally.

    But eh

    You will be fine.

    Try reading a different book.

    Oh and what really helped me was telling my sister about the book.

    I told her how the book ended and she aaid , "Of course he is going to visit her. Do you not see how crazy he is for her?" (Something like that.)


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  • Write an analysis paper of it. If you can't ignore it then explore it to death.


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  • If it bothers you as much as it seems to, you could try to contact the author for some possible closure?


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