Anyone els watching AHS?

Shits crazy gross!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh did the new season start?
    I couldn't even finish the last season.
    How is it, besides gross?

    • Last season was sooo boring! Not sure how this season is gunna go. To soon to tell. But yeah seems like if they can't be scary they are just gunna be gross.

    • I agree. I really enjoyed Coven, Asylum was okay along with the House one.
      I'm not down with the gross, when something has Horror in the title, I expect Horror.

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What Guys Said 1

  • what is AHS b/c I googled it and got Alberta Health Services. :P

    • American Horror Story

    • Aw, okay. Saw season one, it was alright. My interest waned during season 2.

What Girls Said 1

  • Ok..
    I never watch it before but can someone tell me what's gross in this series?

    • well in the first episode this season nothing really scary happens but a guy gets sodomized with a spiral drill bit strap on. Which in my opinion is a tad gross.

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