Who was the better vocalist Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra?


Most Helpful Girl

  • For me, it's Frank Sinatra..
    I just love the way he sang a song so "glorious" (if you know what I mean)..
    Especially for "New York, New York"..
    Maybe it's the effect from the orchestra too..
    But, still, he's my favorite golden-oldies singer..


Most Helpful Guy

  • tough one. I think i'd have to say Dean Martin had the better voice (better range) but Frank had more personality in his songs as well as better songs

    • Finally, someone who knows what’s up. I feel like Frank had more good songs, but Dean had more great songs.

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  • Tough call, they were both awesome.


    • Right? I am partial to Dean myself but Frank is a legend for a reason.

What Guys Said 1

  • Sinatra, hands down. Dean wasn't in the same league as Frankie or Nat King Cole.

    • Whaaat? Not in the same league? Do you even know your rat pack?

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    • Fair enough. I just usually get bored listening to Frank faster than Dean but nobody can deny his legendary status. Hell I did not expect anybody to even know who I was talking about.

    • It's all good. Glad to hear another young dude is into that kind of music. I get made fun of for like the Rat Pack.

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