RPG pen, paper, and dice Gaming?

Does anybody like playing RPG games? The old style where you use battle maps to draw on, figurines to be your character, have miniature walls and barrels and stuff to give it a real feel, and of course, the polyhedron dice we all love and go out of our way to spend big bucks on to get just the "right one" that rolls 20's a lot!

I am into Pathfinder, DnD, Champions, Traveller D20, and Rifts. Played some Shadowrun, but it is too hard being evil minded all the time.

I just moved to California and have had the hardest time finding anyone who still plays the old style games. I finally found a group that the oldest guy is 56 yo and the youngest is 30 yo. They all have degrees and are educated, but are super cool to be around, except for know it all John. We just tolerate him since he is the GM. You just don't ask serious questions coz he will give a lecture since "I have a Master's Degree in History"... blah, blah, blah.

I love computer games and MMO's, but was wondering if anyone else likes the "no save/no reload game" option that RPG dice games provide.

Most the peeps in my group are way older than me, but they say coz I am mature minded, they like having me play. Plus having 2 women in the group really rocks the Gaming dynamic coz guys get stuck in certain ways of thinking and doing things when it comes to taking out the bad guys.

So, do any of my fellow GAGers like these kind of games?

I am asking coz sometimes I need to bounce ideas off other like minded peeps before I go and Game. I am Gaming tonight is why I am asking.


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  • Honestly i only like pnp roleplaying games when rules are background and rolling not too often so the story and dialogue isn't broken up too much. I like to play call of cthulhu and tri-stat mostly.

    But yea totally pm me if you wanna talk gaming. I never get to game anymore or even talk about it cuz it's so hard to find people.


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