What have you been binge watching lately?

I've been binge watching something called "top 10" on "watchmojo. com". They're actually put on youtube, so, I don't have to go to the actual site to watch them but, I've been enjoying watching them.


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  • Nothing really. I eat to live nit live to eat. I have things that I enjoy but I dont eat them excessively.

    • Watching, not eating, as in, t. v.

    • Oh crap , I swear I saw food.. lmaoo. Oh I have been binge watching something called Mondo Media. Just found it couple weeks back and I dont know what happen , I just keep looking for new episodes

    • Haha, cool

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  • Not binge watching really, but I started watching The League about a week ago. I've only gone through the first season though.

    Jon Lajoie is the fucking best.

    • Eliza Dushku makes an appearance in one of the episodes. I ever tell you I met her? It was the day after my birthday, and she just happened to be on the site I was on, so I said "you look an awful lot like Eliza Dushku" she said "it's me". She was drunk and wanted to call me to talk, so, we did. We had a falling out but, yeah, that's my "the league" story

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    • "many".
      Please don't that crap on here, this site is supposed to be for questions and answers. God dammit.

    • Just sayin'

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  • Omg.. Watchmojo

    I watch so many of those I forget which I've already seen. lol


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