I need help to find a piano song. Can I get some help?

A little background story. My girlfriend plays the piano and her teacher taught her a piano song for 2 people. My girlfriend taught it to me. She really likes the song. She gets over the heels when we play it together. But the thing is. She doesn't know the name of the song. Nor the teacher does.
Anyways, I've been searching for the last 4 hours through online programs and software, virtual pianos, records and have done lots of Shazam recording, replaying that melody. I can't find anything. Help me people what can I do? I really need to find it's name!


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  • If we've never heard it, we can never know what's the title. Post a recording and I'd see if I know what's it.

  • If you don't know and we've never heard it, we're not going to know. She should ask her teacher.


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