For those that are long time Mortal Kombat fans, remember when Johnny Cage's splits nut shot never worked on the female fighters back then?

until they finally made them effective against them (female MK fighters) on Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat X (now)? I remember when I was playing as Johnny Cage on MKII fighting Mileena and whenever I try to crotch shot her, all Johnny Cage does is do the splits but refuses to do the twat punch.

  • Yes and I think it's nice that they finally did it after so many MK games never allowing this.
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  • Yes and I have no opinion on it.
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  • Yes and I think it's a bad thing since now it'll teach boys to hit girls down there.
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  • No, I honestly never noticed, despite being a long time MK fan.
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  • Yes, I remember, but it's kinda logical, females have no testicles :P

    • That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt women there or that they're immune to crotch shots. They're genitals are just built completely different from ours.

    • I know, but the effect of the strike wouldn't be as painful as it it for us men ;)

    • 3x the nerve endings, all of them not 1/2--1 inch from the pelvis.

      The cunt-punt is real...

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