Do you think that Halo wasn't "futuristic" enough?

I don't know, maybe I'm overanalyzing, but the weaponry and vehicles used by the UNSC didn't seem that futuristic. At best they seemed futuristic as measured by decades as opposed to centuries. I know they had to make a distinction between human and covenenant weapons but they could have just used things like railguns, coilguns and lasers which would make it futuristic yet still very recognizeable.


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  • Eh maybe. But I still love Halo lol. :)


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  • UNSC Railgun:

    Spartan Laser:

    Feeling that Halo 5 hype ehh?

    • I meant all the weapons should be based on that technology. For example in Halo 1 I think the sniper Rifle should have been a railgun, the shotgun should have been a coilgun, the assault rifle should have been a laser, the grenades should have been electronically activated and the pistol should at least be caseless.

    • Ahh, gotcha... well I mean, just because some of the more standard weapons aren't energy-based, it doesn't mean they aren't high-tech necessarily. Maybe the materials are hypothetically much stronger than what we have IRL, but are still lightweight, maybe their range and accuracy is much greater than what we have because ammo can be be released with that much greater force... high-tech optical sights... I mean, the infamous CE Pistol had incredible range and explosive rounds. And it was only a side-arm lol.

      I get what you mean, but if they can improve the technology that we know IRL, further and further, without developing these expensive new technologies that would ultimately accomplish the same goal, why would they, ya know?

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  • you are the type of people who made me switch from cod to csgo

  • Not everything is going to change in the future.


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