What is your favorite episode of The Simpsons?

The 27th season (yeah 27 years) of the Simpsons kicked off a few weeks ago. It is the longest running scripted TV show in American history (so not including news programs and stuff like that).

So... After 27 seasons and over 580 episodes, what is your favorite Simpsons episode ever?

If it's hard to narrow it down perhaps list your top 3 or 5 episodes


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  • i can't believe it's up to 27 years now. i haven't watched them much in a while but i'll try to think of some i can remember.
    there was one where a hurricane destroys ned flanders property while sparing everyone else for the most part, it goes into a religious storyline and it was quite dark actually. but it still had some funny parts. my favorite parts of the show usually involve religion.

    there was one where they went to an itchy & scratchy megapark. it was a good rip on disney world and capitalism at the same time.

    there was one where homer was in space and he was floating around eating potato chips, pretty much ultimate homer besides when he's drunk and rambling. barney gumble was epic in that episode too.

    i'm 100% sure i'm missing many i can't think of anymore now.

    • those are 3 great eps. the hurricane one is always one of my faves. same with the itchy and scratchy land episode... wish more people had chimed in on this...
      oh well

    • i hear you dude. it can bum you out when no one answers a question that you would think would get more answers. maybe the simpsons hasn't translated to the younger core that make up gag and the older people just can't remember much anymore.

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  • I don't have just one, I like lisa's first word (that one was pretty cute), the one where bart gets an irresponsible babysitter ( Ivana Tinkle Amanda Hugnkisss) Moe friggin lost his shit as well.

  • One of my favorite episodes is when Lisa meets lady gaga.


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