What kind of love story should I write about that includes a male soccer (or for the Brits, football)?

I write lots of short stories and they're all usually horror, thriller or tragedy. They always have scary or creepy or depressing endings. I want to write a satire/romance short story and I dont know how to go about it.
A Male main character that plays soccer I mean. I worded it weirdly.


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  • Make him super handsome super smart super kind and the captain of the team. It ends with him losing his whole leg in some freak accident. He never plays soccer again, his girlfriend dumps him because she doesn't want to go out with an amputee, all his friends ignore him from that day forward and everyone just pities him.

    Super depressing...

    • I don't want it to be depressing but good idea

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  • Obviously he's dashing and talented and about to get scooped up, and takes his childhood sweetheart with him.

    That or he's already famous and meets some celebrity bimbo/aristocrat and his rough and tumble down-to-earth-ness melts her heart.

    • Interesting idea but not what I'm thinking.

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    • I don't know, I like the idea but it needs to have a different spin on it. I don't want it to be a cliché

    • I'm so sorry I am really picky right now but its only cause of my writing

  • He practices free kicks in the garden and one time the ball hits her and she dies, the end.

  • google john terry

    he had an affair with his teammate's wife


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