Oh my gosh I need song suggestions? Like for a duet?

Okay so I've somehow managed to get myself someone to sing with for the school concert. But like, he's one of the most popular guys in college aaaaand he's also in a local band? Have no clue how I did that but he offered to sing with me as I was asking for anyone who'd like to help me out. I'm thinking of a non-cheesy not too lovey song (don't want him to get hounded by his mates aha) but maybe something rocky? I have quite a girly voice so I wouldn't say like a proper man song but a song a man would enjoy? I don't know, just a little list would do. Any duet songs or songs that could easily be turned into a duet or accoustic. Thanks :) oh also, if you have any good Christmas songs that aren't like gross feel free to suggest some of them too :)


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  • Hmmm can't you turn a lot songs into duet ones, just by switching every line? :o


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