Why do game designers continue to only cater to hardcore players, while alienating everyone else?

I mean, MMOs, FPS, even RTS, all you see is catering to whiney players that have no life and no job and play the game 24/7, with no consideration to others. Don't they realize as they continue to narrow their fan base, by making it impossible to succeed at the game unless you devote your life to it, they are only causing themselves harm?

I have always been an avid gamer since I was a kid. Yes since High School I have had to cut back on my time spent but I still greatly enjoyed them. In recent years game makers simply make games harder, you need to devote countless hours to the grind to get the uber rare items, you need to be a world class microer, and played thousands of hours to know the ins and outs of AI pathing, and a handful of sploits. People with jobs and other interests, or jobs, are continually moving away from games because of this.

I have heard the excuse of its all about the money, but if that were true, then they would actually be trying to attract new players, or at least stop hemmoraging existing ones.


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  • It's the money as you say. Once they get those guys who are hoocked up 24/7, they usually have a money source from parents, youtube videos whatever.. so designers, start putting stupid stuff to buy, from stupid skins that do nothing to powerups that only last a very few time. To all the upgrades and dlc. They know those hooked up will buy them right away...

    Yet for normal players like us, we just end up playing shitty mobile phone games, or GTA that is still good, cause all the other are like you said

    • Yea I know, cause so many of them rig it so only those who devote their lives to the game can be successful at it. Yea the hardcore will spend more money on stupid stuff like skins, but the more you cater to hardcore, the more customers you lose, the more you need to sell to the hardcore to make up for the shrinking customer base.

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