How can one get out there?

I've created many self-inspired songs, pictures, etc... How would I get noticed to (hopefully) get a career in the Musical and/or Computational Arts field?
  • What kind of Music do you find yourself most attracted to?
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  • Would you be willing to give constructive critisizm?
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  • Is it bad that I LOVE to make music? XD
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  • Whats bad is that you don't know how polls work.

  • In order to get attention to one's music, people need to be brought awareness to said music. So you'd have to participate in groups where these are common and at some point they'll be noticed. Also you can make a Bandcamp page and even monetize it if the music is THAT good, but I'm not sure how well that works if people aren't aware of you yet.

    It's really easy to make amazing music that nobody will know about if the "marketing" just isn't there.

    This song has 207 views even though it's well-constructed and extremely complicated, better than most songs out there - still, people don't know about it.


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