Do you ever get this really strong urge?

Sometimes i just get this rlly strong urge to let something out, either through dancing, singing, writing, assorting stuff or generally just focusing on something for a while, like twisting my hair or cleaning thoroughly or polishing my nails. and the feeling can get so intense that it feels like it's burning and i'll explode if i don't let it out!
Does anyone have a similar experience?


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  • Yes ALL THE TIME. But I don' do it. Because my so called "friends" are superficial af, you don't want to be considered "weird"
    But I find this... well bollocks

    • Glad to know that I'm not alone:)
      But i don't see how it would be considered weird if, for example, you're good at drawing and you get the urge and you start drawing. You could always try and see what their reaction is right?

    • Oh I'd draw, nothing weird about that. Also you get praise from your buddies (and glares from your teachers).
      But it's the singing, the dancing, the expressing of your feelings that isn't THE WAY OF SOCIETY

      I like cuddles, I'm touchy. But I can't do that, or I'm considered gay or something, it is not done

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  • Yeah I think its pretty normal


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