Learn how to play the guitar?

I heard a lot of people teach themselves? but how do you start? I really want to learn to play, I have a guitar but I dont know where to start, do you start with the chords?
some tips would be highly appreciated
also, whats the best way to start singing? I mean sing properly, I know that you have to learn some stuff related to breathing?

thanks in advance
I am 20 by the way, do u think is too late?
lets see is there are more suggestions


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  • I just started looking up tabs and playing my favorite songs (that I could actually play)...

    But this led to me:
    1) Sucking at big chords because I mostly played power chord riffs
    2) Not being able to read actual scores
    3) Picking with two fingers
    4) Using my arm to pick fast instead of my wrist
    5) Not being able to memorize stuff that well because I have attempted to play and practice at least 1200 songs depending on what I feel like
    6) Mostly only playing metal and rock songs that are riff based but get repetitive without other instruments
    7)... which means I can barely show off anything if someone has an acoustic guitar lying around

    I started when I was 12 or so and it's been six years and I feel like I haven't progressed enough. I still can't play most of the solos I like and I can't play certain fast riffs that I've been practicing for like 4 years. So I can't even imagine how it would seem to start at 20.

    But yeah, if you want a hobby, it's a great thing to learn. If I could freakin memorize stuff I would love picking up someone's guitar and playing some sweet licks and surprising them...

  • I've heard playing Rocksmith can give you a good foundation but you can form bad habits if you do things wrong.

    And no, it's never too late to learn something new


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