Can you solve this?

Can you solve this?

What's the answer?


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  • Easy. The words are ones before numbers. Example : the word 4 letters. The word yet 3 letters , the word sometimes 9 letters the word rarely has 6 letters the word never has 5 letters. The word hahaha has 2 letters times 3 the words you suck are 3 x 4 lmao. etc etc.
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    • You winnnnn!

    • To funny. It had me stumped for quite a while. I was loosing my mind trying to figure it out. Then it came to me.
      I read it over and over and over. Almost got me ! Good one thanks.
      Would love to try another.

    • Lol no problemmm

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  • Hahaha this is funny! Read it like this
    "what" is a word made up of 4 letters.
    "yet" is also made up of three letters.
    "although" is written with 8 letters.
    "then" with 4 (letters).
    "rarely" consists of 6 (letters).
    and "never" is written with 5 (letters).

    the words in the quotation marks have the number of letters the rest of the line says!

    • Yay! Girl winner!

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    • @Theshaft169 are you for real salty about this?

    • He can't comment. He's blocked.

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