Who are some of the celebs with weirdest first names (Birth names)?

I'm making this list of celebs with weirdest first names/given names... who comes to your mind...


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  • Shia LeBouf is one.

    • yeah that first came to my mind too, Shia means shit in some language, I think French

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  • I know celebraties' children with unusual first names
    Summer Rain (Christina Aguilera's daughter)
    Kal-El (Nicholas Cage's son)
    Memphis Eve Sunny day (Bono's daughter)
    Kyd (David Duchovny's son)
    Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee's son)
    Bear (Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll's child)
    Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Jillette's daughter)
    Destry ( Steve Spielberg's daughter)
    Birdie & Cricket ( Busy Phillips's and Marc Silverstein's daughters)
    Diva Muffin and Moon Unit (Frank Zappa's children)
    Rainbow Aurora (Holly Madison's daughter)
    Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallon's son)

    And of course I can't forget our famous North, Kanye West's daughter :)

    • yeah celebs name their kids with all kins of horrible names but I wanted names of actual celebs instead of their children like Keanu Reeves

    • Hmm, actual celebs... Busy Phillips is one xD

      And yeah, celebrities do name their children crazy names but I have to admit Summer Rain and Rainbow Aurora are gorgeous names.

  • I feel bad for baby North. I mean seriously North West?

  • river phoenix

  • Apple is still my favourite xD


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