Which Musical Key is the best?

I've picked some examples of popular musical keys in pop music.

G major and D major is most common keys in pop music, keys give music different moods
  • A minor (Lady Gaga - Bad Romance)
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  • B minor (Lady Gaga - Alejandro)
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  • C major (Bruno Mars - When I was your man)
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  • D minor (Ke$ha - Tik Tok)
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  • D major (Rihanna - Only girl in the world)
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  • E minor (Skrillex and Diplo, Justin bieber - Where are U now)
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  • G major (Carlae Rae Jepsen - Call me maybe)
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If you don't understand the question, I'm asking which "key" sounds better?

All structured music follows a "key", some sound better than others and omit happy upbeat vibe or darker , mysterious tone


Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends. As someone with perfect pitch (thank God), I prefer A minor and E minor. There are others as well. It really depends on the piece but in terms of notes... I love the EGB E-minor chord and A minor. And some others. I have to think about this... but pieces don't sound at all the same if you transpose them.

    • Uh - why would I be bragging? I was actually just trying to share something I think is beautiful. And the last sentence of my answer is accurate, not bragging. @aliencreature

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    • @juicybrain I'm not mad so much as... slightly confused lol. I love when people think they are winning by using insults. If you resort to insults you've already lost. And blocking = losing as well. So I don't block. (I also usually don't lose, thank God.)

      @aliencreature see above.

    • I know what you mean. Once I am into the argument, I don't block either. But I will block immediately if I see it's only a troll. I won't respond once

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well when playing metal I'm going to have to say chromatic (duh). But for other stuff how do you choose, really? It depends on how you use it. I use a bunch of odd tunings for my guitar and then also different capo positions, so all my songs probably end up all over the place. I do feel that pitch is relevant, not just interval, but I never find myself deciding that one specific scale is for one specific mood, although I would tune up ever so slightly (say 10hz) so that it sounds just a little bit brighter than everything else. Of course there's still general minor and major feels to a harmony (and alternate tunings help explore that harmonic space), but having specifc scales for very specifc moods? I don't think so, not for me anyway.

    So whatever, I'll say D# Major.

    • So it's atonal? most rock/metal is atonal, and lacks a key

    • I feel like the definitions get mixed up sometimes so I'll stipulate. When I think of the chromatic scale in music I think of anything that is would make use of all 12 notes, and I would distinguish atonality as something like Schoenberg where he really tries to used all notes equally. I would say metal isn't atonal, but it doesn't restrict itself to an aeolian or ionian tonic, at the very least I'd call it shifting tonality. If you're going to define anything that isn't major or minor as atonal (and I think some people do) then whatever I guess metal is atonal then, but I feel that's a limiting way of thinking about it.

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  • I like Kanye West's "Runaway," not sure what key it is in but whenever I play it on the piano I love it :)

    • Also, to answer your question I don't necessarily have a favorite key to listen music to. But my favorite key to play music is B flat major, 2nd would probably be F major or E flat major, and 3rd would be F# major.

  • Bruno Mars!!

  • Alejandro is my fav. one


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