My early NFL Playoff predictions?

Here are the teams I think will get in and in this order, what do you think?

1. New England Patriots
2. Denver Broncos
3. Cincinnati Bengals
4. Indianapolis Colts
5. New York Jets
6. Oakland Raiders

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Arizona Cardinals
3. Carolina Panthers
4. New York Giants
5. Atlanta Falcons
6. Seattle Seahawks


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  • we're not too far from each other on this.
    1- new england
    2- cincinnati
    3- denver
    4- indianapolis
    5- pittsburgh
    6- new york jets

    1- green bay
    2- carolina
    3- arizona
    4- new york giants
    5- st louis
    6- atlanta

    • That's very bold of you to not include Seattle

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    • Yea Payton is done after this year, Oakland is going to be the powerhouse in the AFC west for years to come. San Diego is a mess, Kansas City is confused, and Denver will be in rebuilding mode

    • denver will only need a qb, they have a stellar team otherwise. i'm switching on st. louis and seattle. after looking at seattle's schedule and having a feeling they will come back (they did this last year) i conclude they will make it and the rams will fall out. i don't trust their qb situation enough.

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  • There are quite a few powerful teams this year that are incredibly devastating. New England Patriots are definitely a team to beat as usual but the Broncos, Packers, Cardinals, and Bengals are frightening as well. We will have to see how the rest of the season goes because there are some strong teams pulling ahead of the pack.

    Your lists are pretty damn good.

  • i like how you picked the top 6 seeds already. switch cincy and the broncos and green bay and carolina. and switch oakland out and put the ravens in. and i'm calling it now, my boy blake bortles takes the JAGS (YEAH I SAID IT!) to the playoffs 8-8. also, i might be a homer, but i think my cowboys can pull of a playoff birth instead of the giants (hard to believe, but there is a chance).

    • U are high as fuck if you think the Ravens have a chance on making the playoffs lol aren't they like 1-5? Lol

    • lol, you're right. i didn't even realize. every time i see them, they're winning... and they were all close too. and i just checked their schedule... it gets a lot harder. well, i guess either the raiders or dolphins. i really like the dolphins new coach... and i have tannehill and their d on my fantasy team and since whats his face got fired, they've gotten me a shit ton of points.

  • Look I love the Raiders as well but you're dreaming if you think they'll make it in the top 6 of the AFC...

  • I think New Orleans better than the Giants.

    Don't sleep on the Steelers once Ben is back.

    • New Orleans won't get in they need to win their division which means having a better record than Atlanta and Carolina, so no the saints aren't getting in this year sorry! And the steelers might have a chance they always come on strong in the final 6 weeks

  • Too early to tell. Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl, though.

    • Denver is super weak this year, if it wasn't for there defense they would be 3-3 right now, there defense can't bail them out all the time

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    • That's just my prediction, the raiders and the Browns took them to the limit, good luck out scoring New England in the playoffs or possibly matching up against a very tough Cincinnati team

    • New England is currently on fire but it's only Week 7-8. You don't know what's going to happen.

      Cincinnati is very overrated. If their fans don't humble themselves with this Who Dey shit then they will be humbled when playing a tough team like the Patriots.

  • Detroit Lions! ... oh wait. :P

  • Packers number one, repeat of 96-97 Super Bowl ;)

  • Too bad mine ain't in urs :(

  • Wrong

  • I like you #GoGiants!

  • Yeah, I pretty much have the same thing

    Though you should have done this before the season, lol


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