Do you remember the Tokia Hotel craze? Did you like them?

I think this is more for the people born between 1990-1995. They were a very big thing in Europe in 2006/2007. Did the craze reach the US? Did you like them?
I used to hate them but weirdly 5 years later I started getting interested in their music. And they're weirdly attractive.
All the teenage girls in my school started learning german xD

  • I remember them and used to be a crazy fan.
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  • I remember then and liked them
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  • I remember them but they were Mehh
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  • Hated them!
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  • Never heard of them.
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  • I remember and fucking hated them lol. really only know 1-2 songs from them...


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  • Lool yes, I remember them. Their songs were popular and they used to appear in every teenage magazine, it was crazy!
    There was a girl on my school who was crazy about them, she was always wearing t-shirts with their pictures and she also tried to copy their style.

    I wasn't a fan of them, never liked their music and they look weird to me.


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  • Omg! I used to love Tokia Hotel! My ex-bestie in elementary school got me into them and I was obsessed for a time. I don't listen to them now, though.

  • Yeah I remember them, my sister was obsessed with them haha

  • I liked Tokio Hotel.


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