Chill out, what you yellin' for?

So this was played at the gym today and I was like nooo... This song brought back so many old memories, I was nostalgic through my whole workout..

I miss the old Avril. 😭

Who else remembers the old Avril Lavigne?


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  • I've always been an Avril Lavigne fan and I still am. Maybe her songs aren't what they were when she first started out but I still think she's talented and I still like her songs and I'm still fan.

    It's kind of like with Green Day, I'm a huge fan but they were way better in the 90's and early 00's, now there not as good but they're Green Day and I still think they are awesome. It's kind of like that with Avril for me, she was way angier when she started so her songs were more powerful and now not such much. But, she's Avril Lavigne and I still think she's awesome. Does that makesense?


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  • I vaguely remember a hot dog suite.

    I really liked a few of her songs. My favorite was My Happy Ending

    • I remember driving my mom's car without a permit and picking up all my friends. It's sad, I don't see any of my old friends anymore.

      Is that the crypt keeper in your avatar? Lol

    • Yea, most of us lose our young teen friends :/
      Why yes it is, haha.

  • Yesss! As soon as I saw the title for the question, I started singing the lyrics. I know what I'll be listening to today! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  • Lol i used to like her songs


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