Anybody else know the feeling where the highest decibel still isn't loud enough?


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  • That's when you need an amp. But the highest decibel is usually high enough for me. It's the tractor that's usually too loud for me 🚜💨

    • I listen to music WAY too loud. I gave up caring. I'm gonna be so def when I'm old anyways

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    • Yep. If your eardrums aren't bleeding, you aren't doing it right.

    • Or you're at least not enjoying life right

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  • No, you don't know that feeling either, because you haven't heard the highest decibel.

    • Well I didn't think I would have to specify on my cell phone, but apparently I should have.

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    • Why thank you for pointing that out dear friend, as if I haven't heard that before. I am aware of the possible damages, I just don't seem to care. I appreciate that you want to look out for a stranger though, which in reality probably isn't why you posted this anyway.

    • I don't understand how you can listen to something with so much audio distortion. It just sounds like crap.

  • No, I don't. I still want to have some hearing left when I turn 70.

    • Why anon? Did you have that much of an issue commenting this without it? Mature, my friend.

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    • You're right... spot on. It's as though you know me better than I know myself.

    • I wanted to hate you, but you're such a smart ass, I love it.

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