Will other people and the celebrity find it weird if you freak out over meeting a celebrity who is your idol?

For example I know he is a normal person but I have a meet and greet coming up and am so excited. I will gush him with compliments and say 'oh my god' and heavy breathe and may have wild eyes. Will people find it weird? If I try not to act like this it will ruin my experience.


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  • That is heavily embarrassing for them. What is the circumstance of the meet and greet? Is it professional?

    • No non professional. Why is it embarrassing for them?

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    • Not these days. I've dealt with a few well known people and fans are seen 1 of 3 ways. Normal (when people treat em normal), bearable (when they mention their fame in a classy non gushing manner) and then unbearable nutters. Unfortunately this goes from gushers to stalkers and is a bit unfair but alas...

      He may actually get on with u rather than be just polite if u treat him normal. Wouldn't that be even better?

    • Well if a celebrity viewed a fan as an unbearable nutter I wouldn't idolise them anyway as that is totally over the top thinking. A stalker is a different story but just gushing just shows excitement. They must have had big egos to think this and I am sure the down to earth ones would see where they are coming from.

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