What are your top 10 martial arts movies?

1. Enter the dragon

2. Ong Bak

3. The forbidden kingdom

4. the Raid

5.. The Protecter

6. The legend of drunken master

7. the raid 2

8. undisputed 2&3

9. Unleashed

10. Blood Sport


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  • Holy shit, I just realised that I remember next to NONE of the martial arts movies I've watched, and I'm Chinese. (*is properly ashamed of myself)

    But I did enjoy Fearless and Ip Man very much. Would wuxia novels count?

    • Yeah, i've never read any myself. But i did read the Romance of The three kingdoms novels, so i have read Chinese literature.

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    • Toshio Maeda will always be one of my favorite Japanese directors because of la blue girl, Urotsukid┼Źji, and Demon Warrior Koji.

      And he doesn't do anime, but i really love Takashi Miike for his wonderfully disturbing and crazy ass movies... Plus a ton more that either do live action or animation.

      But, Miyazaki will always be special on a whole other level!

    • Cripes, sorry about the late reply. Had a bad week then couldn't find this thread when I got back. Hope I didn't offend you.

      So which series for FMA did you watch, the original or Brotherhood? I find I quite enjoyed both.

      Miyazaki is always special! ^_^ Howl's Moving Castle was the first of his movies that I really loved. Another Ghibli film I'm anticipating watching would be Princess Mononoke. I'm afraid I haven't heard of Miike or Maeda, but if we're talking names that compel me to watch something Japanese (besides Miyazaki), it would be Gen Urobuchi and Studio Bones.

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  • Hey have you seen the movie Fearless?

    • Yeah i own that movie, one of the best about Master Huo Yuanjia.

      Of course that was who Jackie Chan was olaying in drunken master lol

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    • Yeah it should have now that i think about it, and so should ninja assassin and ninja 1 and 2. Top 10 is just not big enough lol

    • All the IP Man movies were good, and most people would have put at least one in their list. but i just had to put Blood Sport on there for sentimental reasons.

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  • Ip Man 1 & 2


  • 1) Kung Fu Hustle


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