Am I allowed to give a letter to a band I will meet?

I know you only get a little amount of time to see them and there is so much i want to say, so i wanted to put it in a letter. But i dont know if the bodyguards are going to let me or whatever because i will put pison in it i dont know. Is it allowed?


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  • Well that's an unusual move. They might appreciate it, they might not. One issue is that they will likely have no place to put it or keep it. They'll also have a ton of other things to be thinking about at the time.

    If you feel very strongly about communicating this to them, and you have reason to believe that the specific person you're handing it to will actually appreciate it and benefit from it, then you can certainly try; just do so with no expectation that it will necessarily ever be read. :) That's just the reality of interacting with celebrities. It might be a better idea to condense what you were going to write into two or three sentences and say it from the heart, and in person. That could be meaningful and have a real impact.

    I've only heard one story about a plan like yours working, and in that case the letter contained a poem, and the musician and girl began a sexual relationship. I doubt that's what you want, but it's a high bar to get a celebrity's attention and keep it for any length of time. Good luck with whatever you choose.

  • So, its basically fan mail? Even if it isn't it's ok.. as long as it doesn't get creepy :D.


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