Why would people think Fox News is conservative when their actions suggest otherwise?

I wasted my time interviewing in person there 2 1/2 bloody years ago only for it to take four months to reject me, and then I never heard back from any application after. I even tried contacting a few people who are on-air personalities there when I got their emails and such and they were rude and didn't care at all (after I had waited so long with being rejected of course) meanwhile look who they have there...

People like:

Greta Van Susteren: A member of an oppressive, insane cult (She's a scientologist)

Shepherd Smith (He always injects his personal opinions in to everything unnecessarily, and he ALWAYS makes mistakes... no seriously, whenever I would turn him on I'd hear mistakes being made, plus there are rumors he is gay and brought his partner to a private party)

Now let's not hire me but they hire Abby Huntsman (It pays to have a wealthy family apparently!) who was just working for flipping MSNBC and she is super pro-gay marriage and I don't see why they'd want her as a correspondent.

But hey, let's not give me a chance. :( Jerks.

Those are just a few examples.. plenty of others. Heck I would just take a behind the scenes production or writing type of job to start, but can't even get that.


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  • All of the people mentioned started at much smaller roles/places than the national stage of Fox News. Maybe you should too. Additionally, your rant didn't elaborate at all on the network not being conservative, just some of their employees.

    • uh no she didn't. She's 29 and her daddy was a governor and her family's rich

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    • Well, I know you are very angry. And I hope you get help for it. Because as Albert Einstein once said,
      "Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools"

    • Help would be a JOB OFFER not that you care...

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  • Yeah, Fox News has become less conservative lately.


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  • Are you saying that to be a conservative, one must discriminate against those that don't agree with them?


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