Is Insidious more scary, less scary, or equally scary to other scary movies or is it not scary at all? Word scary is now weird for writing it so much?

I've watched Paranormal Activity, although not scary, I did have a problem for the first week falling asleep, but mainly not because I was scared, but because it got me thinking about things I've heard in the past like, if you wake up at 3 am, it means someone is staring at you, the astral plane and other dimensions where spiritual beings both benign and malevolent dwell, sleep paralysis, folklore, etc.

Now I just saw Insidious 3 at the library on the new releases shelf and then when going for movies on the older shelves, saw Insidious 1 and 2 and was debating seeing it, I went with some comedy films and then saw Insidious 3 trailer in one of the DVDs I rented and now I feel like its a sign I should watch it, but the trailer was probably the most chilling I've seen from any scary movie, and I haven't found scary movies in the past to be scary at all, except for the time I watched Mothman Prophecies, which I think is the scariest movie ever.
  • Insidious is the scariest movie I ever saw, scarier than all other scary movies
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  • Insidious is scary, but just about as scary as other scary films
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  • Insidious is less scary than scary movies I have seen in the past
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  • Insidious was scary even though other scary movies in the past were meh or not scary
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  • Insidious is meh, its meh like other scary movies that don't scare me at all
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  • Insidious is comical, although I have found some scary movies to be scary in the past
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  • Insidious is comical, is comical like all other scary movies
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  • I have watched the 1st movie by myself and the 3rd movie at the cinema. I did find a few scenes quite creepy but quickly got tired of all the lame jump scares and the story line i found extremely cleche. Have you seen The Conjuring? Now that's a scary movie!


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  • It's a good movie - but only the first one...
    Not that scary - more interesting.

  • It might have a few scenes that make you jump, but I don't consider it really scary. I was intrigued by the plot and enjoyed the movie.


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