Ok, who should play him in an movie?

Ok, who should play him in an movie?


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  • I just spent ten minutes thinking on this and I can't think of a single person badass enough for that. Alucard is just one of those iconic characters tjat seem bigger than any person can reach. Perhaps ron Pearlman if he was younger, he definitely has the creepy badass vibe

    • I was thinking Johnny Depp, for some reason. maybe because he's my favorite actor.

      But yeah, its a tough role to fill.

    • Johnyy depp! How didn't I think of that! He has experienced the creepy character with sweeney todd so that would be awesome
      Also he's mt favorite actor too but I've been disappointed in some recent movies. Transcendence, lone ranger, mordecai etc

    • Yeah, i block his recent movies out :(

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  • I am not sure what that is! lol


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