What do you guys think of my idea for a feature length animated feature?

I've graduated from film school and im hoping to make it in the industry as a writer. Anyway, tell me what you guys think of this idea i had and if there could be any twists i could use in the story.

Its about a young prince who is tired of living in the shadows of his older brothers, whom are famous for their incredible tales of how they fought witches, dragons in order to find their princess. This young prince decides that he to wants the whole world to know him like the way they know his brothers so he sets out on his own adventure to find his own princess in an epic way. He is accompanied by his best friend who happens to be the daughter of a noble knight. Together, they go on an epic adventure to find a missing princess who has been taken by a group of giants

SO basically the idea for the brothers is that they are the princes who resuced snow white, sleeping beauty and other disney princess etc. Plus the young prince's best friend will be very attractive but a tom boy which is why he never considered her as a potential wife. And she likes him however she is very sturborn and doesn't want to change just to please him. She is also afraid of what could happen if he does not feel the same way for her so she would rather just stay friends.


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What Girls Said 1

  • i actually really like this idea especially the part of the brothers being the heros or princes who we have seen and heard of in previous fairytales. as long as it is not stereotypically fairytale and sexist of the man saving the woman. but at the same time dont make it just for the sake of going against the usual story line.
    if that makes any sense to you :P
    i would watch it! :)

    • haha thanks. Well the whole point of the film will be to go against those stereotypes. Hence the reason why his companion is a girl who can hold her own against the enemy, plus he ends up with her, just not in the way either of them expected. Thats my way of playing against the whole fairytale stereotype

    • but also, its more about the journey of these two characters. Not just physical journey but their internal ones as well

    • sounds good! character development always makes for a good story once it is tastefully done. good luck! :)

What Guys Said 1

  • I like it especially the character profile of the best friend - Could be an examination of the superiority of inner beauty over skin deep outer beauty,


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