I'm Out of Ideas?

I used to make videos but I stopped about year ago... the reason I stopped is that I'm out of Ideas. that was my only talent & I really can't stand this hole in my life!
So I wanted to ask u what would u like to see in a video?


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  • Are you talking about a YouTube channel or something?
    Make a video talking about how your out of ideas... recap what you've already gone over in previous videos, and ask your viewers to send in suggestions for topics that they'd like to see covered. This way you're getting feedback from your audience, what they want, and at the same time getting a list of topics for future videos that you already know your audience will enjoy!
    Supply and demand... find out what the demand is, and supply it!

    • THanks, but the thing is... I dnt do Vlogs & podcasts stuff, I meant videos by videos: Documentaries & After Effects tricks, Zack King style if u've heard of him!
      + I'm not so gud at talkin in videos!

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    • Actually that's a great Idea :D
      Thnx dude!!

    • Good luck bud!

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  • There are literally thousands of things you can do,
    try imitating "Jackass" people and do some crazy stuff like they do, I'm sure you'll get a lot of views


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