Girls, if you could be any heroine from a famous book, TV show, movie series who would you be and why?

Just think:who is your favorite character from a television show, book, movie? What redeeming qualities does that character have that you would like to possess or you that you feel you possess? Personally I feel like I would be Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. because he ls so selfless, and not greedy like the other contestants who enter the factory which in the end that's what Willy Wonka likes about Charlie and decides to let him run the factory when he gets older and retires.


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  • Veronica Mars is pretty badass. She is a private detective who is smart, funny, persistent and helpful. Sometimes she is spiteful, though and she's went through a lot of hardship. If the series wouldn't have ended too soon, I think she would have grown as a person a great deal, though.


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  • I like Bella from the Twilight series. She slowly evolves through the movies, from a clumsy ordinary girl to a powerful and beautiful woman. I identify with how she has to do chores and take care of herself, because her mother and father can't, with not feeling like you fit in, feeling lonely even when you're with friends, moving to a new place because you have to, loving someone so much even though you know he's no good. I admire her because she was willing to sacrifice herself to save her mother in the first movie, how she admitted to herself she loved both Edward and Jacob, her stubborness, how she managed to get everything she wanted, how she went against Edward and all the vampires and werewolves to keep her baby, how she got trained so quickly before the final battle to protect the people she loves, and she managed to save them.


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