Are you a member of any fandoms?

If so what fandoms are you a member of? I personally am on the Disney fandom. I am also member of: the WWE fandom, the frozen fandom, The Hunger Games fandom and last but not least the SpongeBob SquarePants fandom. So I'm curious what fandoms are you a member of? Don't be ashamed to admit it!
We're all united fandoms here so no bashing other peoples fandoms! The goal of this question is to see how diverse the fandom population is.


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  • Quite a lot 😋 TRC, Les Mis, general theatre stuff, Doctor Who (to an extent), Game of Thrones, quite a few different anime that would take a long time to get through, Star Trek, potentially Star Wars now.

    • Nice, see so many different fandoms, we can all be members of more than one fandom nation!

  • KH, Digimon, Squeenix, the cult for Raiden's ass.


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