What dystopian/utopian books have you read so far?

Mine include 1984, The Running Man, The Handmaid's Tale, Brave New World (currently reading), Fahrenheit 451, The Maze Runner Series, Uglies Series, Starters Series, The Selection Series, Divergent Series, The Hunger Games Series and Shatter Me Trilogy.


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  • Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" would make a good addition to that list. I still think about it regularly, at least four years after first reading it.

    I've read some others which I wouldn't recommend. :)

    • My friend once mentioned that to me. I think I should definitely get a copy :)

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    • Hahahaha if you're talking about possible emotional combustion, don't worry, my family is tough as nails. hahaha I watch The Notebook with them and not one of them had shed a tear and We watched all of the Saw movies together.. Hahahaha XD

    • Well THEN it will be a-okay. :) "Enjoy."

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  • The Divergent series
    The Young Elite series by Marie Lu
    The Legend series by Marie Lu
    The Host by Stephanie Meyers
    The Hunger Games series
    I am Number Four series by Pitticus Lore
    1984 by George Orwell
    I want to read The Maze Runners but I have not had the time, but I watched the movies.
    Honestly, all Dystopian Novels are worth trying, it is my favorite genre.
    These two are not Dystopian but I read them and loved them: The Twilight series and The Fault in Our Stars. Also I read Fahrenheit 451, but I was young and did not appreciate the importance of reading yet so I remember only a minimum of details. There is probably more but I can't remember them on the top of my head. Oh well Lol. I love books!!! Me gustan los libros!!! 😃


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  • Its a manga, but i would recommend Beserk to anyone. if you can handle the subject matter.

    The same Stephen King/Richard Bachman collection that had the running man, also had one called the long walk that was good.
    A clockwork orange will always be one of, if not the best out there.

    • Was Berserk adapted into an anime or possibly a video game? I think my cousin has a copy of the game, I think it was called Sword of the Berserk and something to do with gut's rage. Or I might be mistaken..

    • It was adapted twice, once as a series of 30 minute episodes, and recently as two movies. Both only go so far into the story. the manga is very long and still not done.

    • And yes it was a video game.

  • You should read John Brunner "Stand on Zanzibar" and "The Sheep Look Up"

    • Will do! I'll definitely add that to my bucket list XD

  • Does the Dune series count?


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