How do you deal with a partner who experienced a death in the family?

I learned recently that my significant other experienced a death in the family and I would like to help him. I also don't want to smother him. Any suggestions? Should I just keep letting him know that I'll be there for him? I plan to send something to his family as well...


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  • Most people have someone die in their life if it was recent I'd just be supportive of them. If it was old then I wouldn't make anything of it unless they wanted to make something of it.

    • Thank you, I appreciate the help and it was recent. He wants to stay focused on other things and asked me not to ask him how he feels about it anymore. I understand and I just let him know that if he ever does want to talk about it again that I'll be there for him.

    • Both times someone died in my life I was just really numb a couple months and generally more easily depressed at times for a couple years. Letting me have my space and setting up doing things I like helped me the most.

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  • Give him the space he wants, comfort him when he goes to you and send flowers to the family (: x

    • I thought of sending flowers... I'm still considering it, but I don't know the family, I just know that it affected him and his immediate family. It was his uncle who passed, so would his uncles family need flowers or my boyfriends?

      I know it sounds like a silly question, but I've never been in this situation before?

    • You just address it to his family :)

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  • Get him away from things... a night at a hotel or better yet a casino. But don't be shocked if he just wants time with his family. Tomes like these either strengthens or kills a relationship...

    • I agree with you, I try to help keep his mind off it and we talk like normal. He's sounding much better now :)

  • You can cuddle with him to make him feel better.


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