What are 10 interesting/random facts about you?

Let's see...

1. I have 7 sisters (2 are deceased).
2. I've been to Disney World 4 times.
3. I've only ever been in physical fights with males.
4. I went to an all girls high school.
5. I hate shopping.
6. I desperately want to go stargazing.
7. Breakfast food is my favorite.
8. I have a fear of dogs.
9. I've graduated 5 times but never in a cap and gown.
10. I randomly think about cutting at least once a day.


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  • 1. I've drank three types of tea today.
    2. I wanna move somewhere less crowded.
    3. I love having a short beard but I kinda despise maintaining it.
    4. I used to eat vegan for the better part of a year. I can't eat factory farmed meat without MAJOR guilt.
    5. I've got like thirty five pounds I'm trying to lose. Still.
    6. I really, really, really love citrus fruit.
    7. I want my partner to read me a story someday while we're cuddling. A woman's soft voice is like music to my ears.
    8. I can't stand it when people call guacamole "guac."
    9. I have a hard time finding sunglasses that I think look good on me, but when I do find a pair of like, "HOT DAMN!!!" 😎
    10. Sometimes I get very moved by art, to the point that I get a little frog in my throat and a little teary-eyed. I don't like people to see it, though. Mostly literature, music, and paintings.

    • 11. I really hope you don't cut!

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    • @Bluemax believe it or not, I totally remember that. :)

      Yeah, there's just something so comforting about reading to your girl, right? I love doing that. I kinda want it coming back to me. LOL

    • On occasion I read her things I wrote. I like the feel of a woman giggling while she's cuddling with me.

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  • 1 and 10... :( i read below that it's just thoughts, but still... would be best to try to eliminate those thoughts altogether.

    here goes:
    1. i get really sleepy after eating. i used to fall asleep right at the table as a kid.
    2. i am really scared of my house. it's more than a century old. i -always- run up or down the stairs because... I don't know. i'm just so creeped out. my mom put mirrors all over the fucking place too.
    3. i love looking at jewelry. I don't need to buy it or wear it, I just love to look at all the colors.
    4. i wish i knew someone like jack sparrow in real life
    5. i just ate, so i'm getting sleepy, so i don't think i can finish this list :(


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  • I might suggest you seek a mentor if you are thinking about cutting.

    1. I can tie reefing, bowline, and hitch knots.
    2. I think Rene Fonck was a better pilot than Manfred von Richtoffen (the Red Baron)
    3. I teach 5th grade
    4. I do impressions (often of Yoda) in my classes
    5. I practice lectures in the shower (some people sing, I lecture)
    6. I like whales, but I love Wales
    7. I love to teach science best of all
    8. I play piano, but I have great difficulty reading music
    9. I can navigate using a sextant (I learned sailing before gps was widely available)
    10. I have a sister (also a teacher) and a brother (who has cerebral palsy)

  • 1. I don't have any kids.

    2. I don't have a criminal record (when It seems like everybody that I know has been locked up at least twice for some dumbshit.. which is sad LOL)

    3. I don't have any tattoos/piercing.

    4. My conscience is next to non-existent so it won't get me hurt unlike most people πŸ˜‚

    5. I don't sugarcoat anything IRL nor do I care if you go full retard over what I say to you (ask about me haha).

    6. I've had about 7 cats and 44 kittens in my lifetime

    7. I used to BB gun wars as a teen with my niggas LOL

    8. I got my ass whooped at school after my teacher literally called my house 34 times count for TALKING IN CLASS -_- (yes you read that right... if I even sneezed she'd "phone home")

    9. I get frustrated easily, but I never give up... until it's over.

    10. I love anime https://oi63.tinypic.com/2vnnt5i.jpg

    • to have BB gun

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    • @GirlsLie Noooooo don't bring back those horrible memories + @mustachekitteh it seems that you were right about me... I'm a troublemaker >_<

    • That's okay there are a lot of people that are troublemakers. :D

  • 1. I'm going to ISSA to become a professional trainer and possibly I might open up my own gym or training service one day.

    2. I'm quite old fashioned

    3. I love wearing Irish flat caps which I have important from Ireland, wear them almost everyday, and like the occasional fedora with a suit.

    4. I am almost pure blooded Hungarian

    5. I love nature, and doing things out in it, tech free such as fishing, walking and hunting.

    6. I'm a Gypsy

    7. I'm related to a possible member of the MacArthur clan one of the oldest if not the oldest Scottish clan in existence who claim they are descendants of King Arthur himself.

    8. I love training in and practicing ancient rituals, traditions as well arts of war such as Japanese Swordsmanship.

    9. I'm an poet as well as an painter apprentice to my father I train in a variety of classic art styles and am both writing a poetry and book and plan on selling my art online as I make it while I get enough of it done to become part of the classic arts guild.

    10. I can be quite deceptively submissive.

  • Um please don't cut yourself, please :I

    1. I've been in snow only once in my life and since it happened during school me and like almost a hundred other students walked out just cause it was a rare occasion. Didn't get in trouble for it either :)
    2. I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorist sounds derogatory as hell though to me.
    "CONSPIRACY THEORIST : Nothing more than a derogatory title used to dismiss a critical thinker."
    3. I like dark chocolate more than the other types of chocolate and people swear I'm lying about that lol
    4. I have reoccurring dreams of traveling back throughout the past and picking off evil people
    5. Introverted but I'm starting to get a little more open and I guess more talkative
    6. Helplessness <- a feeling that motivates me cause I felt so worthless not being able to help loved ones
    7. Criminal justice used to be my major but I changed it cause of all the profiling and harassment I've experienced and witnessed from police.
    8 - I got a thing for bellybuttons :P ( you knew shit was gonna get weird with me )
    9 I have a huge attachment to my childhood lol like I reminisce a lot and since I'm a bit of a hoarder, I kept textbooks, homework assignments, medals, report cards, class schedule, and more from grade school
    10 - I write a little poety, erotica (more like short stories) rap/spoken words

  • hmm, lets see if I can get myself banned from life, lol.

    1. I have no idea what eye color I have, some weird mix between blue or green and people that meet me can never agree on this either.

    2. I think about killing people every single day.

    3. I quit school when I was 12 and my English is self taught.

    4. I didn't use words like "me" "I" Or "feel" about myself until I was about 22-23years old.

    5. Someone once told me I feel so little cause I feel so much. This have been true in so many ways, I know how other people feel or their state of mind as soon as they enter the room, without having to look at them either. Yet I always presented a very cold and calm exterior no matter how much I might be screaming on the inside.

    6. People have never been able to read me. Nobody seem able to guess my state of mind based on my body language or face, people think Im angry when im not, people think I'm happy when im sad, vice versa and everything between heaven and hell.

    7. I ended up in the hospital when I was a kid and nobody could figure out what was really wrong with me. Personally I always belived and still to do this day that my mother posioned me.

    8. I seem to be able to predict the future of people by just using logic, longest I have done so is 7 years. I dont consider myself psycic or anything, to me its just logic.

    9. I think I lost count how many times someone have said to me I have saved their life, but I never felt like anyone have really saved mine.

    10. I never really been scared of anything and nobody ever seem to believe me when I say it. But in my opinion when you want to die and dont feel like you have any reason to live, what on earth is their left to fear?

    I didn't include I was insane, cause thats pretty obvious anyway :).

  • You "want to go stargazing"? :) Hehe. Seriously? Like, you couldn't just go outside?

  • 1) I'm a huge history, economic, science, and tech nerd
    2) I'm a veteran, trying to get back into the reserves see number 3. Yes, they still bring it up.
    3) Was arrested one time when I was black out drunk 11 years ago. Luckily the charges were nolled
    4) I watch cute animal videos on facebook, Can't help it sometimes, I know it's not macho. Plus it's amazing how smart animals really are.
    5) If I have one drink, I end up binge drinking. That's why I make sure I don't drink all the time, cause I know myself. A couple hours, turns into an all night event.

    6) I was actually happy to get laid off this time from work, so I can move south
    7) I was accused of being a federal cop on a bus ride from connecticut to texas, for a job in dallas. He didn't think my story made sense, and It was funny because 10 people who overheard him on the bus looked back in a nervous manner.
    8) I once started an underwear party. Apparently I was the first one to drop my pants

    9) The kids in my school thought I was a cop, one kid called me Feds. Some guys in my unit did too. They thought I was C. I. D, since I came to my unit alone, which is unusual. I just always get accused of being an undercover cop. It really sucks sometimes lol.

    10) I have an addiction to pizza and chicken parm.

  • 1. I'm the most ethnically diverse person in my family, yet I'm the palest.
    2. I have ADD, social anxiety, and depression.
    3. I've known how to write in cursive since I was 3.
    4. I love anime.
    5. I've never been on a real date before.
    6. I love martial arts, and am hoping to one day be an MMA fighter (not necessarily UFC level, but able to compete in amateur matches).
    7. I am an only child but have a best friend whom I not only see as my brother, but trust more than anyone.
    8. I've been told that I can sing pretty well, but I always get anxious when I try to sing in front of others and my voice gets shaky.
    9. Pixar and DreamWorks movies are the only ones that can make me cry.
    10. My biggest dream is to one day be a father.

  • 1. I'm an Eagle Scout
    2. I've never had brain freeze
    3. I'm a feminist
    4. Still waiting for my first kiss.
    5. 4/5 people in my family are near or over 6ft tall (my older sister is the shortest)
    6. I occasionally do charcoal drawings.
    7. My friends and I built an 8ft trebuchet one summer.
    8. My dad's 4 siblings are female, and my 6 cousins are male. (mom's an only child)
    9. I really don't like watching sports on TV.
    10. I have about 800 hrs logged playing Kerbal Space Program and about 300 hrs for Skyrim.

  • 1. I have slept with a hell of a lot of women, but only had one relationship. A 22 year long marriage
    2. My dream as a child was to be a Priest
    3. I am a devout loner but are exceptional one on one or in groups with people
    4. I love to cook, and are very talented at it
    5. I see both my greatest strength as well as greatest weakness being kindness
    6. I only see the 'human race', rather than different races withing it
    7. My dream is to write erotic literature
    8. I teach dance but are frustrated that I was not quite good enough to be a competitive dancer
    9. I have several degrees but value my street smarts most of all
    10. My favourite holiday destination is the 'Garden Route' between Port Elizabeth and Kaapstad in South Africa

  • 1. I'm a fucking giant (1.98m, that's almost 6'6")
    2. I've studied electrical engineering
    3. I have a younger brother and older sister
    4. I'm a pizza and nose spray addict
    5. I'm a gamer and tech freak
    6. I have have social anxiety and am quite shy irl
    7. My mother tongue, luxembourgish, is spoken only by 400.000 people worldwide
    8. I might be a very nice person but also a creepy perv
    9. I love football (soccer), and formula 1 sports
    10. I never have breakfast but like eating late at night

    That's it...

  • 1. My great great Grandfather was a wealthy Jewish man who ran his own buisness in isreal.

    2. I have 8 sibblings that I know of. 2 half blood brothers 3 half blood sisters. 1 who died as a baby. 2 brothers 1 sister.

    3. I wrestled with death at least 7 times in my life. died 1 one time but was brought back to life.

    4. I like vintage things that includes movies, cars, music, etc.


    6. Im not a cat Im actually a lion typing on a computer. 😸😸😸

    7. I always wanted to be a super hero and villan at the same time.

    8. Im more attracted to other races especially black woman. ❀❀❀

    9. I read books wtf is a kindle?

    10. Im a free thinker.

  • 1) I have a 118 IQ but have ADHD so it's kind of pointless
    2) I don't have an emotional attachment to food anymore.. I live off brown rice/chicken #gainz
    3) I hate shopping but like looking good.
    4) I want to be an engineer
    5) I'm a half a inch away from being 6"0
    6) I was a cop for a year.
    7) I have an obsession to become rich and have acquired a little over $100,000 in capital so far as a college student.
    8) I went from socially awkward nerd to bodybuilding stud after high school
    9) I was in the Marine Corps and completed my training but lied about having ADHD and was discharged for Fraudulent Enlistment.
    10) I'm fucking awesome.

  • 1. I swallowed a penny once
    2. I was marked by my great-great uncle, he told my mom she was pregnant with me before she even knew and that I'd be a boy. I came out the same complexion and hair color as him.
    3. Lived most of my life without my mom around, a total 180 amongst the black community.
    4. Most people don't know I lived half a year in Tampa, FL
    5. Became fearful of tarantulas because my sister wanted to watch Animal Planet special about them
    6. I've almost drowned 3 times
    7. I use to be a very good violinist
    8. To this day I still don't like my food touching ever since I could first eat table food.
    9. I mumble a lot and I frustrate the hell out my family and friends doing it
    10. My toes crack often when I walk

  • I laugh when I'm sad or mad
    I augment my Mac and Cheese
    Can't stand being in a crowd
    I only trust 5 people
    I'm very stealthy
    I love the smell of coffee but don't drink it
    I don't believe in a god but I pray for two people, for their sake
    My only fear is myself
    I've been to war
    I've lost 4 friends

  • 1. I have 1 older brother, two younger sisters
    2. Have a fear of drowning, I think it'd the worst death
    3. U. S. Marine with a Reserve unit an Infantry Assualtman
    4. Christian
    5. I hated high school
    6. Steak is my favorite food
    7. I have no tattoos or piercings and don't want any
    8. Big into firearms and really into target shooting
    9. Very conservative
    10. I NEVER QUIT

  • 1: I love food
    2: I was diagnosed with OCD today
    3: I have 4 siblings that I don't know
    4: I went to private school
    5: I love martial arts
    6: I've been unemployed for a month and it's pissening
    7: I want to live in a foreign country
    8: I think animal lives are worth as much as human lives
    9: I think humans are the worst living creatures on earth
    10: I'm lonely as fuck (no kidding)

  • 1. i can sleep standing up
    2. i love classic cars from the 1960s and 1950s and i am currently restoring a classic car
    3. i personally know the rapper enimem
    4. i once went 10 days without sleep
    5. when i was 2 years old i accidently drank rubbing alchohol and almost died
    6. from the ages of 6 to 12 i lived with a black family due to the fact that my parents had to live in Ireland for six years due to leagal reasons
    7. i have a copy of an orginal edition of the great gatsby at my house from 1925
    8. i am a huge sports fan i love the new york giants and new york yankees
    9. i am writing several books and currently creating a website
    10. i have aspergers and several learning disabilties and i have a bad case of ocd

  • Your 1 and 10 made me sad :'(

    1. I am left handed
    2. I'm a college student
    3. Some people think im a hippie
    4. I don't use drugs.
    7. I suck counting
    6. Music is life.
    8. I love guitars and want to design and build my own sometime.
    5. I don't know what I am going to do with my life professionallly.
    10. I play bass.
    That's about it.

  • 1. So clumsy i've nearly killed myself several times by accident.

    2, despite being very cynical i'm still secretly a hopeless romantic.
    3. i have a fear of frogs... yes frogs.
    4. Been in several fistfights, but never started one.
    5. Tried every drug i've ever been offered, to my regret.
    6. Was an alcoholic before i could legally drive.
    7. From the south and love it, but dont like much country music.
    8. I like way too many chick flicks
    9. Way too immature.
    10. Kind of a weirdo, i'm told.

  • 1. I am 6'1ft tall.
    2. I am claustrophobic.
    3. Racist towards Asians despite being half Asian.
    4. My father pasted away last year.
    5. I love slushies. No like seriously love that shit.
    6. My soccerball juggle record is 193. Averaging 800 daily.
    7. My ex pasted on some of her British accent to me.
    8. I have a lot of trouble sleeping.
    9. I do not fear death.
    10. I hate 95% of all meats/seafood.

  • 1. I am 6'2
    2. I am Indian
    3. I have lived in Germany for quite some time
    4. I love momos
    5. I'm a lawyer
    6. I'm currently unemployed
    7. I love wrestling
    8. I love dogs
    9. I hate shaving
    10. Most importantly I'm Single... so snag me ladies ;P

  • 1. I live in a town of about 500 people
    2. i am 6'3" and people think that is tall
    3. i finish my high school life in 9 days
    4. I have been single for my entire high school life
    5. i have 4 siblings 1 standard sister and 2 step brothers
    6. i am afraid of spiders. don't judge me
    7. I love Horror movies
    8. i have a crush on a girl i will probably never date
    9. i am a gamer. and apparently good at it too
    10. I became addicted to G@G in less than a day

  • 1- I have 7 siblings that I don't know
    2- I've been cheated on in every relationship
    3- I'm 1/2 Irish and 1/4 Greek
    4- I collect various and random things (knives, "end of the trail" things, boondock saints things, shot glasses)
    5- I think about having anal constantly
    6- my rooms a mess right now
    7- I'm lonely right now
    8- I love old castles
    9- I want to go skydiving
    10- I have to pee

  • 1. Have 2 brothers and 2 sisters
    2. Dislike elevators
    3. Have a collection of more then 300 postcards and still getting more
    4. Never been outside Europe
    5. Drink my coffee black with sugar
    6. Everyday I live with pain
    7. Croatia is my favourite country for a holiday
    8. Have 4 bicycles
    9. Can't say no to something sweet
    10. Try to learn Russian

  • 1. I have a massive Scar across my stomach
    2. 3 operations on my stomach
    3. Have a fear of Moths and spiders
    4. I once outran a car sort of to home
    5. I got bitten by a dog
    6. I got Knocked out when i ran into a goal post
    7. Long eyelashes
    8. Big butt
    9. Can stay up straight for almost 3 days
    10. Once didn't have a shower for 3 weeks when i was young.

  • 1-i have 2 brothers and 2 sisters
    2-i a big over thinker
    3-i am slim
    4-i'm Egyptian born and raised ( lol )
    5-I'm really creepy xD
    6-music is my only friend
    7-my real name is medhat ( doha )
    8-im a little bit kinky
    9-I watch friends everyday
    10-i really like rap, 50 cent is my favorite

  • I work from 9-9
    I work in a PC shop.
    I drive a bike.
    I am left handed.
    I was bitten by a dog in my youth (still have the scar)
    I listen to metal.
    I have no social life.
    My PC is perfectly clean and neat, but my room? Not so much.
    I have a very dark sense of humor.
    I have no 10th fact about myself.

  • I never know what to say for this so I'll just the ones that stand out to me

    I've had a rib removed and part of a neck muscle removed

    I've stood like 6 feet away from a rattles back when I was like 9 years old

    That's all I got lol

  • I like pies x10 :D. Random enough? lel.

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  • 1. I was drum major my senior yr of high school
    2. I have a mixture of adhd and autism
    3. I always fold the napkin and place the silverware perfectly. Everytime I got to a restaurant
    4. I know how to put this one type of hardwood floor down.
    5. I owned a pogo stick as a kid.
    6. I'm a pre-school drop out but then I rejoined it.
    7. I've seen what's behind the wonder of Disney world
    8. I played with a bunch of other bands in the 2010 allstate sugar bowl in 2010
    9. I'm always talking and answering in my head while I play certain role playing video games.
    10. I've stepped in cow crap due to a prank my grandpa pulled on me as a kid. Yes I was barefoot when it happened too. :D

  • 1: My parents have green and blue eyes, so do all of my siblings, yet I was the only one born with brown eyes.
    2: I've been abandoned on the side of the street 4 times by people I trusted. Lol. At night.
    3: I'm the shortest person in my family.
    4: I have OCD, GA disorder, depression AND a minor learning disability. Fun, fun.
    5: I have two middle names.
    6: I have a very strange appetite; sometimes I feel like I can eat tons, then I can go weeks with little to no desire to eat for some reason?
    7: I have such vivid thoughts that I apparently will speak to myself almost inaudibly under my breath.
    8: When I get stressed I have nightmares and the only thing that puts me back to sleep is turning on one of Gabriel Iglesias' stand up shows.
    9: I am always the first to notice the tiniest, most random things about people. From ticks to their speech, etc.
    10: I don't like movies very much, but when I do I watch them so many times (with the special features) that I not only drive people insane, but I become an expert about EVERYTHING that has to do with that movie.

  • 1. despite living in Australia, i have never been attacked or poisoned by anything.
    2. i can't swallow tablets.
    3. i'm yet to break a bone [touch wood].
    4. i have never seen snow.
    5. i'm not a huge cake or muffin fan.
    6. when i was a baby, i placed second in a local beauty contest. πŸ˜‚
    7. i never give up. ever.
    8. i am a little child in a woman's body. disney, stuffed animals, bubbles, colouring in, u name it. i love it.
    9. i'm left handed, the only one in my family.
    10. i play the piano.

  • I, uh... I don't know if any of this will be that interesting, but here it goes anyway. :P

    1. I have a brother who's five years younger than me.
    2. I have a Master's degree (and lots of debt with it).
    3. I used to have my ears pierced, but not anymore due to the left earring being almost completely ripped out.
    4. I love Italian and Mexican foods.
    5. I'm 5'0.
    6. I am an animal lover.
    7. I have a huge fear of needles and public speaking.
    8. I want to visit Australia... and a lot of other places.
    9. I'm introverted.
    10. My family currently has one dog, five birds, three turtles, a beta fish, and a pond full of fish as pets. It's like a mini zoo!

  • 1. I have 5 sisters (1deceased) and 7 brothers. (This is between my mother and father, they split up when I was a year old).
    2. I have 2 children. My son is 4 and my daughter will be 3 on the 15th of this month.
    3. I prefer things with sentimental value rather than materialistic items I don't need.
    4. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years.
    5. My highschool only consisted of 145 students.
    6. I hate the color Orange and any flavoring that has an orange, citrus taste.
    7. I'm a hopeless romantic.
    8. I write novels and publish them on Wattpad. com.
    9. I will admit that I am a woman who likes instant gratification. If I do something, I want it to be noticed.
    10. Music keeps me sane.

    • Music is life. I didn't know you were a mom. Or a writer.

    • Yeah lol I tend to keep my personal life off of the site as much as possible but every once in awhile it comes out :) I have been writing since I was 17. My babies are my life. I do it for them.

    • Awww that's awesome

  • 1. I'm the only child.
    2. I've never been to the US of A, nor Europe - that's somewhere I wanna go to badly.
    3. I'm a cancer survivor, leukemia specifically.
    4. I hate driving, which is why I rarely drive.
    5. I've always wanted to cut my side fringe to bangs, but too afraid to get it.
    6. I fear the deep water.. and clowns. Both are childhood fear.
    7. I have broken too many bones (or twist my wrist/ankle) throughout the course of learning ballet/rhythmic gymnastics.
    8. I've always travelled and actually never stayed in a country for more than a period of 3.5 years.
    9. I hate talking about my family stuffs to anyone unless I'm close/comfortable with that person.
    10. I'm way too complicated, that sometimes I don't even know who I actually am.

    • Freakin clowns and drowning man.

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    • @mskay You initially striked me as some-one with life experience but that's a surprise that you're a survivor from cancer.

    • @MysteriousFlower I was diagnosed with leukemia at 8, it's under complete remission now, so I'm all good.

  • I played fast pitch softball for over 10 years, I was a pitcher. I was offered a scholarship by a scout after pitching no hitters all weekend long in a college tournament. But the college was in California and my grandmother was in bad health so I couldn't accept it.

    I have 12 piercings, 5 in each of my ears, a nose ring and a lip ring. I don't wear them all at once normally and they're small diamond studs lol.

    I write poetry, draw, make my own jewelry and skirts as well.

    I never want kids and regardless of what people say I really won't ever change my mind about that lol

    I have odd beliefs, I believe in God but I don't believe in the bible. I don't believe that thinking "bad" thoughts is a sin, I don't believe the majority of things are a sin honestly. I don't think questioning God or questioning religion is a sin, I think some religions like to shame people for having an open mind and being curious. I don't think that God has impact on the world as it is and I only pray because i'm thankful for what I have or because I need someone to talk to, not because I think God is like Santa Claus and gives me what I ask for.

    I like playing video games competitively sometimes, I play ranked and i've played in tournaments, like a nerd.

    I love learning about other countries and their culture, it's so interesting to me.

    I hate cartoons. I love true crime anything. I love shows like The First 48, Cold Justice and true crime books, anything about serial killers fascinates me.

    I hate living where I live, I want to move but my niece lives here and I live 5 minutes from her and can't bring myself to leave yet.

    I hate my job but I make decent money and i've been there for around 10 years so i'm not ready to leave anytime soon yet.

  • β€’ My first kiss was with my girl cousin in a jacuzzi.
    β€’ I have 11 cats at the moment.
    β€’ I live in two places, in a big city and in a small town.
    β€’ I have bdellophobia - fear of leeches.
    β€’ I love animals way more than people.
    β€’ I'm addicted to potato chips.
    β€’ I fantasize about having a dog more than anything else.
    β€’ I just changed schools 2 days ago.
    β€’ I believe that dragons are real.
    β€’ I've been a vegerarian for more or less 10 years.

  • 1. I'm left handed
    2. I want to run my own little shop selling my art one day.
    3. I have two sisters and a FTM trans brother.
    4. I recently technically became an aunt.
    5. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert.
    6. 90% of the time I really hate my looks.
    7. I'm deathly afraid of heights and spiders.
    8. I believe in ghosts and go ghost hunting with my mom.
    9. I love going outside in the middle of a storm.
    10. I only recently got my ears pierced, which is my first piercing.

  • 1. I feel like I belong to many countries and to no country in the same time. I'm a foreigner in all the countries I belong to.
    2. I was Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, however I'm Tunisian and I live in France now.
    3. I have many weird dreams in which I feel like I'm communicating with dead people I knew.
    4. The son of the king used to be in my class in Middle school and he asked me for a dance in a party.
    5. I failed 2 times in a competition exam for 2nd year in Medical University. I lost 2 years and I lost my biggest dream. I feel like a failure even though only 10% make it.
    6. I love stars
    7. I'm very self conscious about how I look.
    8. I've never dated before
    9. I can't stand being in a homogeneous group. I like having friends from different backgrounds, my best-friend is Serbian.
    10. It's very hard to piss me of and I forgive very easily..


  • - I have two sisters. 1 is 21 years old and lives in Amsterdam and the other 14 years old and has Down Syndrome
    - my parents and sisters all have dark hair. Either brown or dark blonde. Being light blonde is recessive in my family.
    - I'm afraid of the dark
    - I have 2 horses, 1 dog and a guinea pig
    - my parents are actually pretty rich because my dad is a lawyer and my mom a family doctor, although I'm totally poor.
    - I'm going to a private school right now
    - I have no gag reflex
    - going to the USA is not number 1 on my list of places to go, still I'm this site with an American majority

  • 1. I graduated from university at age 17; I'm currently working towards my second degree.
    2. I married a girl 7 years older than me.
    3. I have 2 adoptive sisters, 2 biological, and 5 step-sisters.
    4. I never put real photos of me on the Internet, but from doppelgΓ€ngers (people who look exactly like me)
    5. I always dress in black, or in very, very dark grey.
    6. I like pizza, pies, cookies, and ice cream.
    7. I never use heels, purses. I only use make up when doing photo sessions with a former classmate who is a photographer.
    8. I like to make comparative tables of almost everything.
    9. I work as cop, most of the time in plain clothes. I used to be the sniper of the equivalent of a S. W. A. T. unit in one of my countries, before being transferred to another unit after punching a corrupted superior officer.
    10. I hate driving, although I know how to drive a variety of vehicles, including APCs, helicopters, planes, trucks...

    • IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE I FINISHED high school when I was 17and I was youngest in my batch

    • @Nik1hil how old do the people graduate high school then? (I graduated college at 17 so I don't doubt what she said)

    • @Nik1hil I graduated from medical school at 17, I spent most of my life being homeschooled; I think is the same with her.

  • lol i would say but anonymous posts aren't allowed :( lol but here goes anyway
    1) when i was born my parents thought i was blind because my eyes were grey, they have since changed colour.
    2) I had to go identify a relative's body once
    3) I used to do ballet
    4) I bite my nails and my lips a lot nervous habit i guess
    5) i wear nail polish all the time so i won't bite my nails but sometimes it doesn't stop me lol
    6) I used to smoke cigarrettes often and weed often-ish
    7) I have dyed my hair red, blonde and now i dyed it black
    8) I love reading magazines and like fashion even though i think it is so narrow minded with regards to beauty, but i like that it transports me to another world'
    9) I draw but I do not show people often
    10) I am scared of turning into my mother

  • 1. I'm sleepy af always
    2. I have a permanent retainer behind my two front top teeth and behind my bottom front teeth
    3. I broke three bones in my foot at once
    4. My favorite color is red
    5. I almost learned how to play guitar once but my fingers are too small so I couldn't really do much with what my sisters ex was teaching me.
    6. My favorite season is Autumn
    7. I'm neither a democrat or a republican, I'll vote for whomever scares me the least during an election
    8. I only eat like 1.5 meals a day because I'm never hungry enough to eat more.
    9. I have to always keep my fingernails short because long fingernails on myself gross me out
    10. I wish I was born a redhead but can no longer dye my hair red because it's thinning a bit noticeably from all the dying 😭

    • No more hair dye!

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    • Lol don't be like my friend. She used to have beautiful hair down to her butt. She couldn't stop dying it and it started falling out and became so thin and brittle.

    • Hair dye has not touched the bottom of my hair at all since the beginning of August, and it hasn't touched my entire head since like... winter time. I'm fixing my ways!

  • 1. I LOVE riding horses
    2. I dont like huge cities
    3. dancing is one of my biggest passions
    4. My golden dream is going to Africa
    5. The wildlife is one of the reasons I chose Australia as my destination to study at university
    6. I love outdoor activities
    7. I love snakes and crocs
    8. I wanted to be a dog when I was a kid
    9. I can't stand electronic music
    10. I hate spicy food

  • 1. I secretly kink shame myself even tho I act unashamed
    2. I have 4 half siblings 5 step siblings
    3. I never fought anyone before although I threatened to
    4. I secretly love some rap songs tho I hate rap
    5. I never judge someone unless it's required
    6. I am terrified of long car rides at night, especially passing by woods.
    7. I have had 3 different near death experiences.
    8. I have many intrusive thoughts about murdering people.
    9. I have never been on a date before.
    10. Everyone finds me real interesting but I have NO LIFE.

  • I have 1 brother (29)
    I'm my dad's only child
    I used to be 187 lbs
    I think I'm adopted
    I've never met some of my dad's brothers
    I am 5'0
    I judge people without trying to
    I can figure out almost any life scenario
    I'm the tallest female in my family
    My parents are 48 and 49

  • 1) I'm an obsessed fangirl (yes, it's actually an obsession).
    2) I cooked chicken with potatoes in the oven today for lunch, my grandpa said the chicken was undercooked so I put it back in the oven for (was supposed to be 30') 90' cause youtube happened and I almost burnt it.
    3) I love pizza.
    4) I graduated high school this June with a 94.5% grade.
    5) I have 2 cats and 3 kittens.
    6) I really wanna have a tattoo (and more after that).
    7) I don't own a smart phone.
    8) Music is my life and if someone would try to take it away from me, I'd fight him to death.
    9) I have 5 piercings and pink ombre hair.
    10) I don't like sharing my feelings and my food.

  • 1. I am one out of five siblings
    2. I like playing puzzles
    3. I have so many things in my room
    4. I like cooking
    5. I have horses
    6. I like collecting coins
    7. I like collecting glass cups like wine cups in different shapes and colors
    8. I am in college
    9. I make my own jewelry
    10. I have a mini piano

  • Okay I will do this for you.

    1. I am addicted to pasta
    2. I am Catholic
    3. R&b music is my favorite music
    4. I was in the tennis club in high school
    5. I write a lot and once had dreams of being a writer
    6. I want to be a mom one day
    7. Im a super terrified of the ocean
    8. I want to visit south Korea one day
    9. I always keep roses in my home
    10. I adore mathematics

  • 1. I have 7 brothers 2 sister (` All are half)
    2. I can move my ears
    3. I can read a 2000 page book in less than 48 hours
    4. I can pop like my boobs. Like a guy would do with his chest
    5. I love almost every food and love cooking it
    6. I want to be an author/ restaurant owner/ traveler of the world
    7. i love boots
    8. i love scary movies
    9. I love ALL animals and sea creatures
    10. I have a fish named Galilayo.
    Bonus Fact: I hate shopping

  • 1. I have one brother
    2. I don't like going to the sea
    3. I rarely get angry, so when I do... Get out of the way
    4. I really want to eat a cheeseburger, but I'm to lazy to go get one
    5. I know how to juggle
    6. A hot bath makes me fall asleep right away
    7. I go to bed LATE, and then feel pissed because I lost half my day already when waking up
    8. I like video games
    9. I don't like spaghetti
    10. I like horror movies

  • 1. I don't like condiments besides hot sauce
    2. I'm an aunt to 5 kids.
    3. Used to be a tomboy , i still kind am
    4. I have a twin bro who is one of the most important dudes in my life
    5. i used to play hockey when i was a kid. Still got my equipment
    6. I just recently learned how to drive.
    7. I used to have a diary that i wrote in for years. I ripped them up after my sister snooped through it. I can remember almost everything I wrote in it
    8. I can't stand going to weddings
    9. I broke into my sister's house by going through a window because i misplaced her spare keys
    10. I'm very very indecisive 😞

  • 1. I have a 6 year old son
    2. I can't stand the smell of coffee. bleh
    3. I love sports football, baseball and basketball and soccer for my son being favorite.
    4. My favorite colors are pink and blue
    5. i have a brother whom I don't speak to
    6. my birthday is August 15th
    7. i love to go swimming
    8. I have a fear of bees and wasps or anything of the like
    9. i hate cantelope and olives the smell is repulsive to me including taste bleh bleh
    10. My favorite numbers are 5,7, and 15

  • 1. I'm left handed
    2. I'm an animal lover
    3. I went to an all girls high school
    4. I love books and reading
    5. I live in Australia
    6. I'm a shorty (159cm if measured correctly)
    7. I have a knee problem in which sometimes my right knee locks in place
    8. I have a scar on my right arm from when I was attacked with a knife at 8 years old.
    9. I can speak plenty of languages- 8ish, even more though not fluent in those
    10. Swimming with sharks is on my bucket list

  • 1) I just started college
    2) I love books
    3) Art and music are amazing
    4) I love my best friend so much
    5) I am in the process of falling hard for a guy and I don't even know if he likes me like that
    6) I love macaroni and cheese
    7) Last night I was craving a hamburger
    8) I think it would be cool to go skydiving
    9) I am a virgin
    10) I feel grateful that my parents are still together.

  • 1. I have two sisters and one brother
    2. I love animals
    3. I have a fear of heights
    4. Never been to Disney world
    5. I have twin nieces
    6. I'm a Scorpio
    7. I can't stand crowds
    8. My favorite movie genre is horror
    9. I once came first in a cycling race
    10. I love @CHARismatic110

  • 1. I have three brothers and two sisters.
    2. I one of my sisters is my identical twin.
    3. I was homeschooled and graduated a year early.
    4. My family has goats, chickens, fish, three Chihuahuas, and lab.
    5. My parents were high school sweethearts and have spent 28 years together.
    6. Two of my brothers are my supervisors at work.
    7. I've always wanted a bob but too scared to get it.
    8. This is a really long comment.
    9. My thumbs are getting tired.
    10. I'm finally done. :D

  • 1. I've accidentally drank white wine
    2. I have crooked fingers
    3. If I had been born a boy, my name would be Jared
    4. I've never been outside of my province
    5. I get scared when people yell at me or at someone else
    6. I have many pairs of shoes that are too big for me because when they were bought for me, people assumed I would grow into them
    7. I like to sing songs in different languages
    8. I hate writing with mechanical pencils
    9. Out of all of my bi-racial cousins, I'm the whitest
    10. I bump into things and/or drop things at least once a day

  • 1. I am the oldest child even to my uncle's kids and step-grandfather's daughter.
    2. Never left Australia.
    3. I have anger issues.
    4. Been over 10 schools.
    5. Love shopping but I'm a saver.
    6. Love to go to space.
    7. Love coffee
    8. Spiders but sometimes the dark πŸ‘»
    9. Doing a bachelor of science.
    10. Had a dark past.

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