Why do I feel depressed when watching girlsday?

Especially minah.. mostly minah! I love her, she is soo special and I don't know how those girls are like that and i am just someone living like a puppet while getting controlled, anxiety and paronia.. thinking about girlsday, most especially minah, she makes me 10x stronger but at the same time makes me depressed.. coz look at them, look at her... her smile makes my heart on fire no joke! Especially when she cries, ill tear up.. she will be number 1 in my heart.. im taking this seriously... love... i love how they act foolish and funny.. i am 17 and i have facial hair, does that make me stupid and a kid for feeling that way? There like gifted. I always wanted to be something like that but im 17 now, no time.. love u minah!


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  • it seems you don't feel depressed


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