Art Class and Modeling? Fair?

I go to a small private college where I study art. Our school allows students to pose as a figure model for art classes as an on-campus job... which I have been considering. However, there is one thing that bothers me:

According to our schools modeling policy, female models have the option of wearing 'modesty wear'... essentially like a bikini, that covers the private areas. (And pretty much all of the female models do wear it). However, male models have no such option. All male models are required to pose fully nude.

I know this policy goes back years, but everyone seems fine with. I understand that it is a job and I don't have to take it if I don't want to... but it seems unfair that I would have to pose fully nude, while the girls get the option to have their 'private' areas covered.

Am I being ridiculous and petty? Or am I right? Should I just get over it and pose?


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  • While I get while you feel it's unfair... I can understand the policy. Girls are usually more modest... so they would likely have a harder time finding female models if they didn't have such a policy. I know one drawing group near me gets tons of guys applying... but few women. I wouldn't think of it as something done to slight you... if you are confident enough to model, then go for it! Girls just need a little more privacy!


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  • If you are thinking of posing, you are wanting to show off, so why hide behind a little 'hanky'! If you want to do it, then do it PROUD, and show everything!! It's not like any of them haven't seen it before! Some people are such hypocrites and prudes!! If the ladies are too insecure to show their beautiful bodies, why does that matter to you!! Show them wood and get a few dates!! :)


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  • A lawsuit here is just a matter of time, you might as well start it.


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