What are you favorite comic books?

Mine are:
1. X-men

2. Batman

3. Preacher-Coolest sh*t ever! Can't wait for the series.
What are you favorite comic books?
4. Gen 13

5. Ultimate Avengers

6. The Incredible Hulk

7. Crossed-Sick, perverted and non-stop.(will not appeal to everyone)

8. Death Dealer

9. Conan the Barbarian

10. The Gunslinger/Game of thrones Adaptions (Cant decide)

11. The Walking Dead (like the series a lot better)

12. Ghost

13. Punisher

14. Chastity <3

15. Evil Ernie
16. Vamprilla 17. Witchblade 18. Pitt

*Had to add, but better stop while i can.


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  • Very cool. I'm more into graphic novels than comics usually. I love "Red Son," the retelling of the Superman story where he was born in the Soviet Union. That one's right up my alley. :)


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