Do you know who Lou Reed is and, if so, do you love him?

Lou Reed as in the Velvet Underground and his song "Take a walk on the wild side". RIP
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  • I am of an age where Lou Reed would have been considered a God of the music scene - I remember when he died a flurry of messages went around, it was like a friend's family member had died - While I wouldn't be a huge fan I can't deny some of his stuff was excellent.


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  • Yes I do know who he is, amazing voice.


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  • yes yes yes. i'm a big fan of his 'berlin' album and some of his other solo ones. don't get me started on the velvet underground, i'll just keep going on about their greatness.

    • Shiny shiny!

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    • Such a good tune, keep meaning to read the book too.

    • @GirlScout i'd like to check out the book as well

  • I love his single stuff but I definitely preffer his stuff with the velvet underground. Venus in furs is onebof the greatest songs in history

  • Yes, under rated icon of music, great loss


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