How to describe dying? story ideas?

Um pretty much I was wondering how you would describe several dying scenes.
the first one is a girl is drowning, panicing at first but suddenly calm,
the second one is just lying on the ground slowly dying, also it would be cool to hear random scenes people have written, doesn't have to be about dying, I just need insperation.
Don't worry I won't steal anyones writing either!


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  • Death by fire (burned at the stake)

    The girl's eyes widened as the bright flames licked the skin on her toes. She knew it was only a matter of time until the flames grew. Once more she attempted to struggle against the ropes which confined her, only to since as the ruggedness cut her wrists. Her eyes darted around the room to the audience, hoping to find just one person with a shred of sympathy for her. Instead her gaze was met with blank accusatory stares. "Please... I didn't do it!" She pleaded them, but to no avail. She felt the heat coming higher, the flame meeting the wood against her back and the hem of her skirt. She knew it was only a matter of time before the flames began to consume her. Once more she looked up to the apathetic audience. She scanned the crowd until her eyes locked with a young boy's. "Please, do you really want to see this?" The boy stared blankly at her. She felt tears fill her eyes. It was hopeless to try and sway them. Her fate was sealed.
    A sudden burst of pain made her cry out. Her legs were on fire. She was burning. The smell of burning wood was replaced with the sickening smell of burning flesh. She screamed and sobbed and pleaded. Her skin burned. Her throat hurt. Her lungs felt like they were on fire. But still she continued to scream. her blouse caught fire. All she saw when she looked down was red and black. Her skin was peeling away. Seconds later she smelled her hair burning. Felt the flames lick her cheeks. She stopped screaming. It hurt too much. She couldn't feel anything but hot. So much heat. Everything was so bright. But all at once everything started to fade. Her pain, the burning, the world. Everything started to finally fade to black. She felt herself close her eyes as the flames engulfed her completely.


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