Why don't women like the band Rush. I have never met a girl that has and their known for their lack of female fans. Any fangirls out there?

Well, Rush is a Canadian rock/alternative band.


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  • tom sawyer m8. great song. rush is a good band with solid music. some bands just don't generally appeal to certain genders as a whole. its well known that one direction has mostly female fans, because there music is geared towards 11 year old girls. everything has a directed audience in mind


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  • Maybe they were a bit surprised when they realized that the lead singer of Rush was not a Female! Honestly I thought he was a chick the first couple of times I heard him on the radio!!!

    • That's pretty funny actually. I never had that problem though.

    • If you never heard Rush before... you gotta admit the dude sounds very feminine right?
      don't get me wrong Rush kicks ass

    • He sings high enough but that would be such a unsexy voice for a girl I think I subconsciously refused to think he was

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  • I don't know what rush is


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