Do you ever look at someoNe and wonder what Is GoinG on insidE theiR head?

Is nobody watching the actual video?
I'm not talking about that movie lolol
Watch the video


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  • Yes, I do wonder what's going on inside someone's head


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  • The Guy in the mirror freaks me out. Thinks he knows all about me.
    Just who does he think he is? I've watched him for quite a while now.
    He can't pull a fast one on me!! Freakin' 'Tard!
    I've got this Guys number. I know just where he's comin' from!


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  • Just watched this movie 3 hours ago, it is pretty dsmn awesome.

    • This question isn't about the inside out movie, but I wanna watch it. Looks great.

    • It is really heavily into psychology and a visualization of "depression" too! It is truly a quality work.

      Usually I wonder only if they are weird, empathy tends to guide me well enough nowadays.

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