What do Girls think about Heavy Metal?

I just started playing in a heavy metal band
Its a christian metal band and our name is Children Of Eden
I just want to know what girls think about Heave metal.


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  • Who are your influences?
    I haven't ever met a girl who likes true metal. And I haven't met a NORMAL girl who likes metalcore.

    Find me a girl who seems normal AND listens to thrash metal and I'll marry her ASAP as possible.


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  • Over the years there has always been quite a good female following for metal.

  • Most would have trouble lifting it, I suppose.

  • christian metal? thats ridiculous. how can God be glorified with satan's music? no matter the lyrics, the demonic and distorted sounds and rythms of metal cannot mix with holliness. most "christian rockers" i've known, deviated away and turned to purely secular metal and life. these things just can't mix. but then again it may not be absolute.

    • lol you even do the devil's horns... .

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    • @DarkHumorRUs its obvious you are not a christian. you have never practiced prayer in your life and it shows. you just can't come into contemplative prayer with metal music.

    • Well then odin can take them in. :D Since there is viking metal.

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