What kind of music do you party to? It's my GaG birthday. Come party?

Post music. What kind of music do you party to? Someone bring me a white russian.

I'd post one of my own songs, but that's a little too masturbatory even for my birthday. :P

What kind of music do you party to? It's my GaG birthday. Come party?
  • Who the fudge is this cat?
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Seems about 50% of people recognize me as a GaGer.
Is that good for a year on GaG?


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  • I have to start partying first.

    I hum to Ella and Feist in my kitchen while cooking, and I like Radiohead, Rammstein, and Queen + more. But yea, I don't rock out very much.

    Your mix was good though.


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  • I don't know who you are but I barely come on here anymore since it's boring AF with the same bullshit every day so don't feel too bad.

    This is what I party to.

  • I still love trance and even some hardcore from my day. Scooter and helter-skelter. A great trance tune to get the place bouncing. Artemesia bits and pieces. Could get a dead body jumping about. It came on last week at a big Halloween party I was at and got the whole gaff bouncing.

  • This track will definitely get the party started! 8-)


    • I'm trying to get into it and I keep getting one or two songs in and getting distracted, haha. Dope so far though, and this one too👌 Need Nate Dogg on the hook here though. RIP😭

  • EDM and some rap music will be better. Go for wiz khalifa if its a joint party.


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