Which fanboys do you find the most irritating and just want to punch in the face, the Xbox fanboys, the PS fanboys or the PC fanboys?

  • Xbox fanboys
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  • Playstation fanboys
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  • PC master race fanboys
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  • All are equally annoying and needs to be punched in the faces so they can shut up.
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  • Others
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  • All I hate fanboys and fangirls equal


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  • One word: Gamergaters.


What Guys Said 1

  • Being a fanboy of XBOX makes no sense, because PC will get an emulator for it too soon anyways.

    • The funniest attack that I've ever heard from an Xbox One fanboy against the PS4 was that they'll have Rise of the Tomb Raider as one of their exclusives when it's really only just a timed exclusive (not a real exclusive), meaning that it'll eventually come to the PS4 next year, thus contradicting themselves.