(Corpse Bride) Are you team Victor/Victoria or Victor/Emily? And what's your favorite Tim Burton film?

I know it's past Halloween already, but I'm still in the spirit and watching Time Burton movies. I watched Corpse Bride last night - it's my favorite! I've always rooted for Victor and Emily because I feel like they have more chemistry than Victor and Victoria and I love Emily's character, but how about you?


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  • That is a hard decision but I'd have to say victoria only becausenif put in that situation I could never pick a corpse.
    Favorite tim burton movies definitely a nightmare before Christmas it's a bit cliche is know but I love it. It's my favorite Halloween and Christmas movie so it's socially acceptable for me to watch it from October till decemeber (even though I watch all year any ways. Close second us sweeney Todd


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  • Team Victoria. Emily was dead and a little selfish. But in the end, she got her act together.

    I guess my favorite Tim Burton films would have to be...


    James and the Giant Peach

    I'm a fan of TNBC and Corpse Bride, but those aren't my favorites


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