Thoughs on why a new local sports bar was failing to generate interest?

i was out Friday at this restaurant/sports bar , its sort of a mixed concept as its part restaurant but other half is a sports bar. i was there at 8 pm on a Friday night , there was an nhl game on ( detroit/toronto ) which you'd think would of generated some interest here as there both 2 of the more popular teams in this area. but hardly anyone else there , a couple tables near the bar had a couple people each thoughout the night but really no one else other than a staff member off work sat at the bar and most of the other tables in sports bar area appeared empty. it seemed very quiet for a Friday night , it only opened in April and had a busy summer from what i saw but appears to be very slow now that initial excitment is over. the concept also doesn't appear to be generating much interest from women , they'd rather go to pub across the street or just stay home than go there. the pub is very popular with younger women but this new place doesn't seem to be doing it for them

what are your thoughs on why its failing so bad? they spent a lot of money on renovations and inside is brand new , has new tv's and a full line up of beers and liquor , location is also in a busy part of town and in a building that previously held a similar restaurant and has a large outdoor patio. but this area hasn't had a lot of sports bar over the years oddly enough so maybe its not a popular concept locally. mostly had more tourist type restaurant or trendy summer hot spots , and a few major chain restaurants but very few sports bars.


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  • A lot of sports bars are just too noisy if you're looking to do anything but watch the game, or want to chill with friends while watching the game. That would explain why it does better when the patio is open, too.

    • it wasn't noisy when I was there , the TV's weren't on that loud and not a lot of people talking. this location because of large patio has always been busier during the summer , so it has the reputation of being more of a summer hang out and maybe that worked in there favour this summer but now working against them as people don't think it be busy maybe? or just not the place to go this time of year

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    • its less staffed at the moment likely cause its less busy than summer and they were likely trying to save money as its not that busy. places do shift in popularity that why previous tenant of this building closed down , it had been a very popular and financially successful restaurant starting in early 90's till say 2010 than it just all of a sudden died. well I'm not sure what happened exactly but in final year or so on Saturday nights there like wasn't near the crowd anymore and it just wasn't popular anymore. the trends just sort of shifted and the type of club they were trying to be wasn't what people wanted anymore. I also wonder if ghosts of the old restaurant continue to haunt the new one ( no actual ghosts but mean the reputation of old place continues to work against them )

    • Yeah, that can definitely happen. The crowd of a place doesn't always change, so places can stay clique-y even if they change ownership. Some good events or promotions can help bring in new faces, though.

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  • because the people in the area don't know about it! The bar needs to advertise.

    • yes and no. people do know that its there , its in a high profile location along the main street and got a lot of attention when it first opened. it was busy during the summer. I do think you might be on to something in the sense they don't advertise what sports they have on , the NHL games aren't being promoted or advertised so that might explain the poor attendance , there is also no specials or discounts during these games either, like no drink or food specials , there is no real reason for someone to drop by

    • YES! thats a good idea! Even putting flyer on cars would be a good option and cheap. Maybe even have like a special menu when major game to play. Maybe they can even have a date night at the bar to give girls like me something to look foward to. Like a trivia about sport to meet a stranger kind of thing! I don't know

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