Are there any good J-Dramas or K-Dramas?

I've watched a lot of K-Dramas like "100 days with Mr aragant" and "Antique Bakery" but I haven't really seen any Japanese ones except for "Little forest" and thats not really a Drama one. So any suggestions for K-Dramas or J-Dramas would be awesome! (=^ ◡ ^=)


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  • Hana Yori Dango or Boys over flower! I never seen the drama! But I recommeded the anime. I really did enjoy it!

  • I don't exactly know what kind of dramas you like, but my lovely Samson is a classic must. It's a bit older though from 2005. It's the best I have seen actually.
    Another one you might like is hana yori dango or boys before flowers. It's quite cheesy and set in a high school.
    If you are into mystery dramas nine: nine times time travel is really good. It starts out slow but it gets really interesting.
    There is this other drama which is funny but might be a bit controversial with a guy pretending to be gay called personal taste.
    For japanese dramas i recommend proposal daisakusen, attention please and my boss my hero.


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